Puan Presiden 2017-2019

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and Salam Negaraku Malaysia.

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for showering His blessings upon us and for the trust given to me to lead PERSADA as its President for the 2017/2019 session. From its establishment in 1991 till now, PERSADA has always fight to fulfil its aspiration ~ to guard the welfare of its members comprising of Town and Country Planning Officers in the Public Sector and to uphold the image of planning profession in ensuring the relevancy of urban planning services as one of the most important enablers in the development of the nation.

With hard work comes success. We owe what we enjoy today to thorough planning and commitment of all. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and to pay my respect to former Presidents of PERSADA on their excellent leaderships which resulted in where PERSADA is today, especially to the PERSADA committee members for 2015/2017 session led by Hj. Lokman bin Omar.

Apart from guarding the welfare of its members, PERSADA also aims to unite all Town Planners in the Public Sector and to channel their knowledge and expertise to generate new ideas or to become champion/ subject matter experts (SMEs) especially in the field of planning and development. Today, we are facing challenges and being pressured by other professions who deem that they are also able to do what we, Town Planners, have been doing all these while.

Only we know our strength; it is our responsibility to reassure all stakeholders in development planning of our importance and to reaffirm their trust that our profession and services rendered are exclusive to us, not to be copied by others. The existence of all professions involved in the development activities is meant to complement each other in terms of knowledge and expertise. None is the better than other, thus none should play a ‘hero’ by denying others. The key word here is RESPECT.

Uniting the members will become our main agenda and the core action of PERSADA in the future. A strong unity is equivalent to a strong profesional voice, thus ensuring that we will always be rightfully heard. It is our ambition to bring PERSADA to the same level as other profesional organisations.

As the President of PERSADA, it is my hope that all members will stand united with me and continue to get strong support to work together with PLANMalaysia (Federal Department of Town and Country Planning) to ensure that the planning profession will soar highly and be duly respected.

The fight must go on. What’s more important is the unity and consensus of members. It is my ultimate goal to unite all town planners in the public sector under one roof – PERSADA. With this unity, PERSADA will be able to work with any related institution and agency because of PERSADA’s strong influence at every level (from federal to local level). PERSADA will provide the platform for continous professional development of its members by giving them opportunity to attend professional courses locally or internationally.

Furthermore, we will strengthen our collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP), as well as creating strategic partnership with identified parties. This will increase the ‘visibility’ of our profession, PLANMalaysia and MIP. For that, all my committee members must be ready to give full commitments to transform every possibility and opportunity into stories of success and triumph.

I am calling all members of PERSADA to instill in ourselves the readiness to work for a good cause, for the benefits of all. Put your heart and soul into every action, not merely doing something just for the show.

I believe that deep in our heart, we love this planning profession. So, express that love by being an active member of PERSADA, the only avenue to fight for this profession, especially in the public sector. Each one of us has the responsibility towards PERSADA, thus we must be responsible!

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude and heartiest congratulation to the line-up for 2017/2019 committee members and everyone involved in PERSADA, either directly of indirectly. It is hope that our dream of creating a sustainable community that is concerned and responsible, as well as not dependent on the government, will be materialised. I plead to everyone to keep on fighting to uphold our beloved profession. Make our presence felt!

Do not ask what we can GET from the association, but rather ask what we can GIVE to the association.
Thank you.

2017/2019 SESSION

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